From the Piedmont region of Italy comes a word that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world: Casot. A tiny stone house in the middle of the Italian vineyards that watched over the work and provided drinks and food for the workers. It was a place to take shelter from sudden summer storms or just a place to rest and recharge during or after a hard day’s work.

And in that spirit, our tiny brick house is both a place to work, and a place to take rest from the day’s labor. A digital marketing & creative agency’s co working space during the day and a wine bar a night, Casot pays homage to the core roots of wine making.




The People Behind Casot

Scott Evans
After 16 years of working in restaurants across the Wasatch Front, Scott Evans is the Founder and President of Pago Restaurant Group, which includes Pago, Finca, East Liberty Tap House, Hub & Spoke Diner, and Trestle Tavern. He spent the past ten years in restaurant management, at establishments ranging from neighborhood cafes to five diamond hotel restaurants. But his love of food started much earlier, and deepened during his time traveling during college — backpacking, snowboarding, eating, and drinking his way around the world. He also developed a passion and commitment to finding the freshest, locally sourced ingredients possible and adapting the menu to highlight the best of each season.

Pintxos & Vino at Casot

+ Ronsel do Sil
Special Guest & Winemaker – Maria Jose Yravedra

Friday, June 21 | 6pm
Pintxos $40, Vino $65 + tax + gratuity

Event Details and Tickets